HugAlign Your Spine!

Hi, I’m Colin, a Safety Consultant & Equipment Operator and I’m the inventor of the HugAlign Body Support & Alignment pillow. My story begins much like yours. Over the many years of life in sports and working in various fields of construction, mining and in office environments I accumulated many aches & pains and suffered multiple injuries that left me in chronic pain. I had a bad back, shoulders and neck, with herniated discs and soft tissue muscle damage across several regions. There was no medical solution to some of my injuries, and I was left suffering in pain all day and night. I was miserable, fatigued, frustrated and angry. These sleepless nights turned into desperation to find a sleep solution that worked.

I tried most products that I could find out in the market – all types of rehabilitating programs out there. Some helped, but most of them left me needing more – more relief, more sleep, more of my life back.

I knew I could do better!

I knew that the longer I waited the more my mental and physical health was going to deteriorate. I began to experiment with a bunch of different ideas. After many trials and successes, I came up with the HugAlign (Huggable) Body Support & Alignment Pillow. Finally, I had found relief. After many years I developed the final prototype, and I have been sleeping without pain ever since. The pillow has also reduced my snoring by 70 – 80%. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night any longer in so much pain that I have to give up and get out of bed. I don’t wake up in the morning with lower or upper back pain, a sore neck or shoulder pain. I’m in a great mood, more alert throughout the day, and my work performance has improved – all thanks to a more relaxed sleep. The HugAlign pillow was created to solve the problem of restless nights and chronic pain.

Ergonomic, Sculpted Support and Alignment

The contoured design helps support and align knees, pelvic, abdominals, back, chest, shoulder and neck for more relaxing and restful sleep. It relieves day to day body aches and back pain by allowing the bodies muscles to relax and receive more blood oxygenation.

Improving Sleep One Spine at a Time!
I know the HugAlign pillow can help you as much as it helped me. Take a look at our HugAlign Info page to find out how the pillow works, and learn how it can help you  get a more peaceful sleep, too.