HugAlign Trains You to Sleep Better

so you snore less and get a more restful sleep!

HugAlign not only supports your body in proper alignment but it is also an effective anti-snore pillow and can be essential in helping to train people to sleep on their side which results in a more relaxed sleep for you and your partner!

The pillow is designed to go in-between your knees supporting and spacing them taking the pressure off the pelvic muscles, it continues up along the pelvis supporting it, the pillow continues up tucking under the abdominals and chest supporting and lifting them up re-aligning them back into the center in a natural position, with the lower and upper torso now aligned and supported the shoulder remains upright helping to keep the neck in a healthy position. This allows the whole body to relax allowing for better muscle oxygenation for a better sleep.

HugAlign’s memory foam pillow is uniquely designed to be the same on both sides which means easy maneuverability and maximum comfort whether you sleep on your left or right side.

Are you ready to experience your best sleep ever?


Back Sleepers Get Relief from Snoring

The back sleeping position is one of the recommended sleep positions for proper body alignment by health care professionals. However, for anyone who may already be at risk for obstructive sleep apnea, the back sleep position can cause the sleep apnea, snoring and may eventually lead to sleep deprivation for yourself and/or your partner. In many cases, a change of sleep position is all that is required and HugAlign is uniquely designed to help train you to sleep on your side.

A typical back snorer can make a fast and easy position change resulting in a healthier, deeper relaxed sleep!

Stomach Sleepers Get Extra Support

Sleeping on the stomach is the least recommended position by health care professionals, mostly due to the twisting of the lower neck which can create neck pain, low back pain and general spine imbalance and instability. The best pillow for stomach sleepers is a properly supportive body support & alignment pillow, like the HugAlign pillow, that brings the knees, pelvis, low & upper back, spine, abdominals, chest, shoulder and lower neck back into a healthier alignment.

Stomach sleep presents a real physical challenge to the body’s alignment, health and function. The key to helping stomach sleepers maintain a better body position is to help satisfy their habitual need for stomach pressure which the HugAlign pillow helps to provide that for them.

HugAlign | Supports Proper Body AlignmentExperience the Best Pillow for Side Sleeping

Side sleeping is the ideal position most recommended by health care professionals to support the neck and low back. The HugAlign Pillow™ is engineered to properly support and maximize spinal alignment during side sleeping. Additionally, your knees, thighs, pelvic, abdominals, chest and shoulder are also properly aligned and comfortably supported to work together with your favourite supportive neck pillow. Vital organs and airways are unobstructed resulting in a more relaxed sleep and allowing for better oxygenation in the muscles, proper healing, repair and energy replenishment while sleeping.

Are you ready to experience your best sleep ever?