Each HugAlign comes with an anti-allergen protective cover that guards against bed bugs, dust mites, pet dander, odours, and water based spills.


HugAlign pillows are made with 3 lbs of our signature memory foam that is comfortable and easy on the body. Each pillow is coated in baking soda for odor protection.


All corners are rounded to alleviate pressure points for comfort and the pillow is tapered down to a soft nose for support.

The HugAlign pillow is made of 100% polyurethane Memory foam, it has an open-cell structure that reacts to your body heat and weight by ‘molding’ to the sleeper’s body, helping relieve pressure points, preventing pressure sores. The HugAlign pillows Does Not Contain PDBE. Polyurethane foam is highly regulated in Canada. It is also allergy resistant in that it does not make a suitable environment for dust mites (a common allergen). Avoid leaving exposed foam around adults, children & animals. Exposed foam material poses a choking hazard.

Memory Foam Pillow Benefits

Soft, durable and gently mold to the shape of your knees, pelvic, abdominal, chest to relieve pressure points and provide ergonomic support.

HugAlign May Help with these Symptoms…

• Neck Pain
• Shoulder Pain
• Back Pain
• Arm & Hand Numbness
• Headaches & Migraines
• Hip Pain
• Knee Pain
• Snoring
• Insomnia
• Pregnancy

Supporting Pregnant Moms

Pregnancy is a wonderful time but your growing body can make it difficult to sleep.  Hug Align Body Support & Alignment Pillow Is the most advanced pregnancy support pillow available. The unique design gently supports and cradles your baby bump as it rests snugly on Hug Align unique shape.  The pregnancy pillow’s design, firmness and shape prevents your extra weight from twisting or pulling your pelvic, back, spine, shoulder and neck.

Hug Align pregnancy body support pillow provides you with critical support enabling your knees, pelvic, abdominals, back & spine, chest & shoulders to remain supported in a straighter, less stressed position.

HugAlign fully supports & aligns your pregnant body, helping you get the sleep you need. This product is safe for most pregnant women, but we encourage you to consult with your doctor if you are in any way concerned how your body may be affected by this product.  This pillow is not like traditional bulky body pillows or wedges currently on the market.

I’m pregnant but don’t necessarily want to invest in a pillow for just a few months… is it worth the cost? The pillow not only provides vital support for growing, pregnant bodies, it can also support your body and mind during the post-partum period and sleepless nights with a newborn. The HugAlign pillow will continue to support & align your body to help you get the best rest possible, period, and that’s not something you just need when you’re pregnant.

HugAlign Before & After Gallery

Click the images below to view some examples of how HugAlign provides support for Adults,
Children, Pregnant Women, Seniors, Disabled and/or Injured and chronic pain sufferers.

Praise for HugAlign

Our customers share their praise for how the HugAlign pillow helps them!

Made my pregnancy a joy, Loved the pillow.   I used the memory side sleeper pillow for the duration of my pregnancy. It was the perfect shape that contoured with my growing belly. When my back pains started increasing the pillow acted as a support wedge for under my stomach my chest and allowed me to sleep better at nights and I woke up feeling rested.  I used it between my knees and up under my belly and chest, I woke up feeling more rested.  Lastly it made my life and work more bearable.  I use it every night. Thank you this pillow made my pregnancy and now sleeping more enjoyable. – D.Guillen from Ontario

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of our more popular pillow questions
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I’m not sure which pillow size is right for me – how do I choose?

The right pillow size depends on your body size and your personal preference. For petite adults and children, our Petite HugAlign pillow will fit best, but for larger adults, we recommend the Adult HugAlign. We recommend measuring out the pillow size and seeing what fits best alongside your body.


How do I use the pillow?

Pillow is uniquely designed to fit between your knees, knees are partially drawn upward in a fetal position, to keep them properly aligned, spaced and supported, pillow comes up along the pelvis helping to align your pelvic. Pillow continues up and tucks under your abdominal area bringing it back into its natural position. The pillow continues up under the chest supporting it and aligning the chest with the rest of your lower body as if you were in the standing position.

What Pillow Cases can I use?

Each pillow comes with a zippered cover. King size pillow cases will partially fit the length, but will be too wide with lots of excess material. We are pleased to offer custom fit pillow cases that you can add to your order for both our Adult and Petite size Body Pillows.

What’s the best way to care for my HugAlign pillow?

The HugAlign Pillow has a removable zippered cover, making it quick and easy to clean in any standard washing machine.

Memory Foam Pillow:
Do not wash, do not dryer dry, do not use bleach and do not use cleaning chemicals. Spot clean with warm damp cloth with mild soap, let air dry.

Zippered Cover:
The cover is machine washable and dry-able. Simply unzip the cover and launder: Wash in warm water, tumble or air dry, do not iron.

Pillow Case:
Wash in warm water, tumble dry, do not bleach, iron if required.

Does Memory Foam have an odour?

The Hug Align Pillow has one of the lowest odour foams available. Our cover is odour resistant, the foam pillow is infused with baking soda which helps to protect against odours. You may notice a faint ‘new foam’ smell however leaving it out to air for one or two days will help.

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