Video Transcript

Do you suffer from back pain, body aches? Wake others or yourself from snoring? With a HUG ALIGN Body Support Alignment Pillow you’ll get the rest and rejuvenation your body needs. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day.

The HUG ALIGN pillow goes beyond basic support, providing a therapeutic solution for injuries, pregnancies, chronic pain, snoring and insomnia. It naturally supports and promotes alignment of your entire body, while maintaining good curvature of your spine in a side sleeping position.

When you sleep on your side your knees touch and the natural tendency is to adjust your legs to a more comfortable position. This causes stress on your muscles and puts pressure on the pelvic area causing it to be out of alignment. Your stomach drops downward from the weight of the abdominal area and this causes your back to rotate, this contributes to and drops the chest and shoulder down forcing your whole body to be miss-aligned. Even with a supportive head pillow your neck becomes twisted. This causes stress to the spine and body and results in less blood oxygenation for your stressed muscles and a restless night’s sleep.

The Hug Align pillow trains you to sleep properly by supporting and aligning your body when you sleep on your side. Uniquely designed to fit between your knees to keep them properly spaced and supported, while aligning your pelvic area. It tucks under your abdominal area. The pillow continues up tucking under the chest supporting and aligning the chest with the rest of your lower body as if you were in the standing position. With the lower body now supported and aligned, your shoulder naturally re-aligns itself. This design, also, allows for your upper arm to rest comfortably on a raised portion of soft memory foam while keeping your shoulder in position.

The pillow is designed the same on both sides. The idea is when you want to roll over the pillow stays between your knees and follows you. Then you grab the pillow and HUG it in, tucking it in under your stomach and chest for the support you need.

With the entire lower body now supported and properly aligned your neck remains in a healthy position. And by maintaining a natural posture your body muscles relax allowing for increased circulation of blood and oxygen throughout your whole body enabling a good night’s sleep.

Whether you are young or old, pregnant, slim or overweight, want relief from chronic body aches and injuries or simply want help to reduce your snoring, the Hug Align Body Support Alignment Pillow will help you “Sleep better, wake up feeling refreshed!”

Hug Align body support & alignment pillow’s a revolutionary design created simply to help you get a good night’s sleep.