Are you fed up with suffering from back pain, shoulder & neck pain, hip pain, knee pain, other chronic aches & pains? Are you ready to wake up pain-free and fully rested? Do you snore?


HugAlign is more than another body pillow or wedge. It’s a revolutionary new therapeutic sleep solution for anyone suffering from back pain, shoulder & neck pain, hip pain, knee pain, chronic aches & pains, injuries, helps relieve snoring, is also the most advanced pregnancy support pillow available on the market today.  Try it out you wont be disappointed.

The HugAlign pillow has a uniquely tapered design to support the whole body, keeping your shoulder, chest, abdominals, back, hips, and thighs aligned for a more restful sleep. With your body properly supported & aligned, the issues that contribute to your pain and discomfort are alleviated, resulting in a more peaceful sleep.

Who does HugAlign Help?

  • Relief from Chronic Pain – With chronic pain it can be difficult to get a full night’s sleep. HugAlign supports & aligns your body to help relieve chronic pain during the night, leading to less pain during the day.
  • More Restful Sleep for Seniors & Disabled – As our bodies age, it can be difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep in. HugAlign supports & aligns your body in a perfectly aligned position, ensuring a restful sleep.
  • Added Support for Pregnancies – Most advanced pregnancy support pillow on the market today. Pregnancy is a wonderful time but your growing body can make it difficult to sleep. HugAlign fully supports your pregnant body, helping you get the sleep you need.
  • Support for Growing Children – The Petite HugAlign pillow will support your child through growing pains and help them get the required sleep they need to tackle school, sports, and just hanging out.

Are you ready to experience your best sleep ever?


Praise for HugAlign

Our customers share their praise for how the HugAlign pillow helps them!

Colin let me try one of his Adult pillows for about 2 months. I worked in logging and heavy construction and played sports for most of my life during that time I have accumulated many injuries, a lot of soft tissue injuries, I have struggled with constant pain for about 11 years now. Most of my pain was in my hips, back, shoulders and neck. Most nights are extremely restless sleeps, I woke up constantly because I could not get comfortable, tossing and turning all night long, I woke up tired and exhausted. My wife stated I was pretty grumpy all the time. We bought a new therapeutic bed and great head pillows, but it wasn’t enough. I was introduced to Colin in hopes of him letting me be one of his pillow test cases. It took about a week to get used to the pillow, something different. After a month all I have to say about this pillow is, WOW ABOUT TIME, has this pillow ever helped me, I sleep better, I am waking in the morning now feeling refreshed, not tired, not grumpy, I don’t wake up during the night in pain, I am slowly finding I don’t even toss and turn as much as I used to. Being a bit overweight out in front contributed to my back pain, the pillow tucked nicely under my abdominals shifting them back into the neutral position, this relieved a lot of the back pain. I am even more productive at work and at home. It feels so good to sleep during the whole night. My wife has even said I am more energetic and I don’t snore as near as much as I did before. We both can’t wait to buy one. From my wife and I – BEST PILLOW EVER! Thank you Colin! – J.Carver from British Columbia

Improving Sleep One Spine at a Time!

I know the HugAlign pillow can help you as much as it helped me. We created this video to demonstrate how HugAlign can help you get a more peaceful sleep so you can wake-up fully rested!

Once you’ve had a chance to watch the video please download our brochure, learn more about our pillows or visit our Shop to place an order.